Whiskey Before Breakfast – Intermediate

$8.00 (or 2 Credits)

Included is three .MP4 video files, one tab .PDF file, one tab .TEF file and three practice track .MP3 audio files.


Here’s the video lesson to accompany the arrangement to Whiskey Before Breakfast.

It’s a 48 minute note for note breakdown of the tune with an alternate A Part and tips for playing backup.

This purchase comes with tabs in PDF format. Also includes three practice tracks at 50, 70 and 85 BPM.

Additional Notes for Whiskey Before Breakfast:

Another fiddle tune in the Key of D without a capo. This song will help you practice moving around the neck and playing a fiddle melody on the banjo. I’ve included my recommended left and right hand fingerings. I’ve also included an alternate A part that I’ve heard played on the fiddle.