Wayfaring Stranger – Intermediate

$8.00 (or 2 Credits)

Included is three .MP4 video files, one tab .PDF file, one tab .TEF file and four practice track .MP3 audio files.


Here’s the video lesson to accompany the intermediate arrangement to Wayfaring Stranger.

It’s a 47 minute note for note breakdown of the tune and additional tips for backup.

This purchase comes with tabs in PDF and TEF format. Also includes four practice tracks at 40, 50, 65, and 80 BPM.

Additional Notes for Wayfaring Stranger:

Here’s a great old song to work on adapting a slower tune to the banjo. This song will help you practice playing in a minor key and give you some great roll practice staying away from your 5th string.

This song has been done by lots of artists over the years so it’s a great one to know!