Nine Pound Hammer – Beginner

$8.00 (or 2 Credits)

Included is three .MP4 video files, one tab .PDF file, one tab .TEF file and four practice track .MP3 audio files.


Here’s the video lesson to accompany the beginner arrangement to Nine Pound Hammer.

It’s a 34 minute breakdown of the tune and a lesson on how to play backup.

This purchase comes with tabs in PDF and TEF format. Also includes three practice tracks at 50, 70, 90, and 115 BPM.

Additional Notes for Nine Pound Hammer:

Here’s two beginner solos to the classic bluegrass tune Nine Pound Hammer. The first one solo will help you learn the melody and practice up-and-down picking. The second solo will help you work on adapting a solo to the bluegrass mandolin style!