Man Of Constant Sorrow – Beginner

$8.00 (or 2 Credits)

Included is three .MP4 video files, one .PDF file, one .TEF file and four .MP3 audio files.


Here’s the video lesson to accompany the arrangement to Man Of Constant Sorrow.

It’s a 43 minute note for note breakdown of the tune and additional tips for backup.

This purchase comes with tabs in PDF and TEF format. Also includes four practice tracks at 50, 65, 80 and 100 BPM.

Additional Notes for Man Of Constant Sorrow:

The song made famous in the movie “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” This song helped a resurgence in the popularity of bluegrass music and brought the banjo to a whole new generation of people.

This is a must know tune for any bluegrass jammer so I’ve compiled a beginner version that will work as a kick-off or break to the song. I’ve included two solos so you’ll have plenty of licks and ideas to choose from. I love playing bluesy tunes on the banjo and this song has something to learn in it regardless of where you’re at in your playing.