I have found Mike to be the best teacher of bluegrass banjo some teachers are too fast and showy. I like Mikes tab compositions they are faithful to the original. I would love Mike to bring out a book of instruction and tabs of his repotoir together with a dvd
Ken B.W. Australia


Study Banjo and Mandolin at your own pace online with professional musician Mike Hedding! A veteran of the Minnesota bluegrass scene, Mike has taken the tricks he’s learned through years of teaching experience and condensed them into an online format that you can enjoy from anywhere in the world! With a variety of techniques, and original arrangements to classic songs, Mike walks through each lesson in detail so you understand not only “how” but “why.” With Videos, Tabs, and Practice Tracks included with each lesson, you’ll be equipped to take your playing to the next level while having fun in the process! Let’s start learning!

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